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Long-distance travellers, store grain; long-distance seekers, store talents. Closely following the strategic goal of building a regional development center in Central Fujian, the Dehua County Party Committee and Government has formulated and issued “the Implementation plan for recruitment and introduction of talents during the 14th Five-Year Plan in Dehua”, focusing on ceramics, tourism, health care and other industries to implement the "Six Virtues Project", launched a series of "hard-core" measures to attract, cultivate and use talents without sticking to one pattern, and build a "dream harbor, career harbor, and life harbor" for talents, and provide strong talents guarantee for building a regional development center in Central Fujian Assure.

□泉州晚报记者 颜雅婷 通信员 李雄图


A platform to attract


"Like our hometown, Dehua has a profound cultural heritage and is a paradise for ceramic art creation.In 2013,Introduced by the art colleagues of Quanzhou Vocational College of Arts and Crafts,Zhang Chenyi ,from Anyang, Henan, came to Dehua,settled in "Porcelain Valley fairyland" in Dehua County,began to chase the dream of ceramic art creation,he combined his hometown "Sanxingdui", bronzes and other cultural elements to create works, enriching the theme of firewood creation.


The ceramic industry is a pillar industry of Dehua. To develop the industry, talents are the first resource.In recent years, Dehua has steadily promoted the "government, school and enterprise" tripartite cooperation, and has actively created a platform for employment and entrepreneurship. The "Sanchuang Park" located in the Porcelain Valley Wonderland is a platform for entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence created by the Quanzhou Academy of Arts and Crafts and Xunzhong Town. Now in the "Porcelain Valley Wonderland", like Zhang Chenyi, young potters from all over the country such as Hainan, Henan, Tianjin, etc., have established more than 80 ceramic art studios here, scattered among the fields, bamboo forests, woods, and hillsides. The firewood burning atmosphere in Porcelain Valley Wonderland is very good. Now it has formed a cluster of more than 80 firewood burning studios and over 100 ceramic craftsmen, which is very suitable for young craftsmen to live and create here. "Zhang Chenyi said.


According to the relevant person in charge of the Talent Office of the Dehua County Party Committee, corresponding to the latest recruitment and introduction plan, college students who stay in Dehua for innovation and entrepreneurship can enjoy living subsidies and rent subsidies for entering various entrepreneurial platforms. "The measures are solid and strong. ". Up to now, Porcelain Valley Wonderland has selected 2 batches of 30 entrepreneurial project teams to settle in, and the first batch of 15 entrepreneurial teams has driven more than 100 graduates to stay in Dehua for employment and entrepreneurship.


Real retention policy


The good environment for living and working has made Zheng Jianbing and Wang Dongyan, who came to Dehua to start a business, find a sense of belonging at home.


“The city of Dehua is very tolerant and very suitable for young people to start a business.” Zheng Jianbing and Wang Dongyan graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts of Fuzhou University. In 2011, under the guidance of their instructors, they started ceramic creation in Dehua. Starting to learn ceramic firing and production from scratch, Zheng Jianbing said, along the way, we have received a lot of help and guidance from Dehua ceramics colleagues ,in order to master the ceramic firing process in a short time.


Let Zheng Jianbing and his wife be more determined to stay in Dehua to start a business, and the local government has vigorously created a livable and business-friendly soft environment. A few years ago, Dehua built a stable exchange and learning platform for young ceramic artists who started their businesses in Germany-Xinxiuyuan. Zheng Jianbing and his wife became one of the first batch of ceramic "rising stars" to settle in the park. "The park is like a big family. Everyone often learns and communicates together." On the day of the interview, Wang Dongyan had just participated in the Quanzhou Ceramics Industry Worker Skills Competition. Not long ago, the teachers of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts opened a salon course in Xinxiuyuan to teach young artists, “Everyone is here to share experience and grow together, instead of fighting alone.”


In 2019, both Zheng Jianbing and Wang Dongyancoupleswere rated as high-level talents. Children enjoy priority arrangements for school attendance, a free full physical examination once a year, a free recuperation trip to Shiniu Mountain once a year, and three-year rent-free housing for talented people... "Practical measures allow us to have no worries and concentrate on entrepreneurial creation." For the Dehua‘swarm and caring talent policy,the husband and his wife were very touched.


Cast chain yucai


Coming to Dehua to start a business for more than ten years, Ouyang Zhaokun, whose ancestral home is in Jiangxi, is now a benchmark in the field of ceramic decoration in Dehua.


"Dehua white porcelain is warm and delicate, and it is a potential stock in all kinds of ceramic products." In 2007, when he first set foot in Dehua, Ouyang Zhaokun fell in love with Dehua white porcelain and decided to stay and start his own business. Previously engaged in ceramic creation in Jingdezhen, he spied on the blank areas of Dehua"s ceramic industry-ceramic decoration and hand-painting. "It"s not that there is no market, but there are few people doing it." So he decided to use his expertise in traditional Chinese painting ,to paint on white porcelain, and gradually started his own hand-painted brand. In 2017, Ouyang Zhaokun opened a class for teaching. At present, he has more than 60 apprentices, and most of them have been able to stand alone in the fields of ceramic decoration and hand-painting.


"The market for products with high cultural added value is broader. The ceramic industry needs more design and marketing talents for high-quality development." Ouyang Zhaokun"s view coincides with Xu Jianyong, head of the Golden Horse Car Ceramics team. In recent years, Xu Jianyong has successively planned and operated ceramic cultural and creative projects such as "Hundred-state Guanyin·Cihang Pudu", "Baijiang Hanmo·Faithful to the country", "Bai-state Maitreya·Great Ciyule", "Baifu" and other ceramic cultural and creative projects,become a more influential case of Dehua ceramics cultural and creative operation.


In recent years, Dehua has focused on introducing talents in short supply, implemented the "Seven Talent Projects" in depth, and promoted the construction of various talent teams by industry and field. Based on the status quo of the ceramic industry skilled talents, the local government starts with the entire chain of ceramic skilled talents introduction, training, use, evaluation, incentives, and services, and strives to create a large-scale, well-structured, skilled and high-quality ceramic skilled talent team.


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